lifted up in love

Don’t you just loooove those times when you can literally feel the Lord giving you a warm hug? I don’t know what it is about these last couple of days, but I am just feeling over the moon and surrounded by blessings and love. 
We have a family wedding shower this weekend at Cottage Cheek and the anticipation of celebrating our engagement with our loved ones is so exciting! The closer we get to our wedding date, the more real and amazing this becomes. What a wonderful time to spend lifted up in love and planning for Hopes & Dreams it is! 
The Lord pours out his blessings on his children and the little places that you discover it are always new and beyond exciting. Josh left a little handwritten note for me earlier, some words of happiness and encouragement. I am so thankful that God works through others to spread his love, it is truly amazing to be surrounded by such Glory and Hope. 

“I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me.”

Have a beautiful & bright Tuesday everyone! 

such a happy room

on my summer wish list 🙂
yummmmmmmmy & BOWtiful! 

once my name changes….jewelry stores, brace yourselves! 🙂 

all you need is a white tank and some jean shorts

cucumber tofu “sushi”- I love this idea! 

sing to the Lord & surround yourself w bright colors and people! 
🙂 amc 


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