visualization & dependency

The power of visualization is fo rizz. 

I remember first learning about this goal tactic when my dad was coaching my basketball team in high school {Say what? I played sports?}, I would visualize making that 3 point shot, and it would happen. 
I’ve let this strategy fall into other places in my life too- from taking tests and visualizing the questions they would ask and my written answers to visualizing a presentation or meeting and my responses to their questions and statements. Your mind is amazingly powerful and you can harness this power to your benefit. I believe that you can alter your perceptions {thinking about buying a certain car and suddenly you see the thing everywhere?!} and convince yourself of just about anything {hypochondria?}. So many things are mental,  and preparing your mind to take on a new goal, project or situation can sometimes be the most important way to get there.

For me, any sort of cardio activity is this way. I can jump into the gym and lift weights with no problem. Pop in a workout DVD or YouTube? Sounds great! But once I hop onto the elliptical, hit the pavement for a run or strap into a bike for spin class, my mental block gets thick. I have to consciously break the wall down brick by brick with thoughts like “you are strong, change hurts, you are a runner, you are an athlete, etc.” But hallelujah! I can totally talk myself into a wonderful cardio workout. Remind yourself of what you can do, and sista- you can do anything. 

The Tone It Up girls have challenged their group to create visualization boards to help us have a progressive and successful next 8 weeks. 

This is mine:

Since I already subscribe to the idea of brain power, my bedroom and office already have some motivational pictures and sayings scattered about. For this project, I chose to include a picture of myself as well to make it more personal, don’t you always find yourself studying pictures of yourself more than of models? Call me crazy, but my own reflection is more of an inspiration point. Look in the mirror, smile, be proud of who you are and where you can go. “I can do this! I can keep going! I can be healthy and fit! Look! Is that a muscle?!?” ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Anyways, this was a great exercise for me because I had the chance to write down some tangible goals for my next 8 weeks. 

My goals from now until June 1st
No Sweet Treats! You donโ€™t even like them!!!
Focus on Obliques: You can do side planks!
6 am Cardio makes you feel GREAT! So just do it!

Read. Live. Repeat. 

On the other hand…..

A healthy life is up to you. I often have trouble getting that one straight in my mind. I want outside motivation- I want my work friends to have the exact same eating routine as me, I want my fiance to have the exact same workout routine as me, I want my roommate to fill our pantry and fridge in the same way that I do. But hello Amanda, that’s just not going to happen. This is life and it isn’t possible to be surrounded only by people wanting to live the same lifestyle as I do. 

I love the quote above because it TELLS me that it is up to ME to live the healthy lifestyle that I desire. I cannot blame others for slip ups or only make good decisions when they do. I am on my own, I can make my own decisions, I am strong enough to live in this world and keep to my goals! Depend on yourself!

So visualize the best you possible and be in control of your life to lead it in the healthy lifestyle you desire. 

Soapbox? Sorry! 
๐Ÿ™‚ amc 

and if you are a Christian, like I am, you have this great big wonderful God to hold your hand the whole way ๐Ÿ™‚ 


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