Atlanta Apparel Market, Meeting Mr. Maddox, Pinterest Crafty Time {coming soon…}, FlyWheel and more 🙂

April Atlanta Apparel Market pics

Me and Morgy Porgy! I looooooooooove this brown headed girl! 

The dream team. Life wouldn’t be right without them
and Glory Bizzle hats? uhh

Itty Bitty Little Miss Pizzle, looooove you! 

Lovely window display example from Fabr’ik

Smile Booth 🙂

Jeannie Mai doin her inspirational thing

the one picture of apparel that I took all market….but these dresses are amaze! 

I used one of my GiltGroup rides and spun my booty off Friday morning at 6 am! 

The class was HARD!!! The first half I thought I was just about to die. If my feet hadn’t been locked into that bike, I’d probably have fallen off, and would be still be lying there 3 days later…… The second half,  my heart and lungs caught up to my jello legs and I was getting it! Take away- I like it, I want to do it again, I need to take the warm up time seriously. 🙂 

Mills Meet-Up

I finally got to meet this little bundle!!! My wonderful friend {and college roommate} Maggie came into town and Kelsey and I JUMPED at the chance to see her and Mr M!

I loooove these girls!!! And Mr Maddox could NOT be any more precious and perfect!

I’d say that we had a good weekend 🙂 

🙂 amc


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