keep it at home

Sometimes the gym is….busy, confusing, scary, far away, closed. 

Always my home is…convenient, empty, comfortable, open. 

At-Home workouts that work! 

Tone It Up videos on YouTube are quick and fun workouts
{the arm sequences are my favorite!!!}

These are a great way to learn new moves and discover new combinations. 
Most only require hand weights and a balance ball. Check out their website for some printables, but I prefer the videos- they are very inspiring and have a way of getting you to keep going. 

So I will look like this after the workouts, right? 

My go-to legs and abs girl is Tracy Anderson
She has 3 videos on YouTube and they are booty kickers!

Her workouts {that are available on youtube} use body weight or very light hand weights. But seriously {pun} you have got to get on your knees and do her butt & thigh workout. It is 30 repetitions of 5 different movements that will have you shaking, sweating and cursing. Pure bliss.

Some nights I turn up my music and do workouts from Oxygen Magazine. I really like their workouts- they provide plenty of instructional language and pictures and none of that fancy technical language or insane positions. 

Each magazine has at least 4 different sequences and I find that I get better the more often I do the routines. 
The absence of videos means you can take a minute to perfect the position and move but not fall behind. 
{plus unlike some fluffy magazines, these workouts yield results}

And if you just want a good ole ass kicking that makes you cry for your mother- pop in a Jillian Michael’s DVD. Sadly, {uhhh sooo sad….} she loves plyometrics between strength moves so me and my “jumper’s knee” haven’t been able to spend QT with Jillian. 

🙂 amc


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