interior designer love

hey hey hey
trying not to make it another late night at the good ole office; but i am waiting on a giant file to print and thought i’d share some fun pics from one of our july speaker’s website. 

{sorry, its national no uppercase letters day}

introducing the lovely ms jillian harris
designer, bachelorette and super cutie

i would like one order of her legs and one order of her arms. and by this saturday please- i have engagement pics. thanks. 

there aren’t too many pics of her design work, but i am assuming that this photo is from her house. so very cozy and taupe! 

some featured pics from her site that i like!

sort of reminds me of my bright bedroom growing up. 

fantastic outdoor space- fabulous pillows and lanterns

extreme fire hazard or awesome lighting idea?

another shot of what i believe is her house- i honestly love you.

two mismatched chairs. a way to my ADD heart. 

i spy a very re-creatable room! 

now thats a cool place for some ottomans, josh! 😉 
great color scheme and art placement. 

ok my printing is complete and so is this post. 
off to work out my legs… jillian harris style! 

in my {hopes &} dreams…
🙂 amc


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