lost meet found: etsy discoveries

Monday flew right on by!

I did, however, find time to flip through the “pages” of the latest Matchbook Magazine. Adore!!!! {And does it make me cool that I know the couple on the cover? Say yes, please}

In thanks to an article about Manhattan Based Designer, Devon Baer‘s etsy shop {her amazing designs above} {go there, buy yourself something, and one for me too, thanks} I discovered some more precious products! 

Etsy is an amazing world. You can get lost out there. A good kind of lost. 

Lost meet Found:
Introducing CocoDraws

these are a few of my favorite things…. 🙂 
{prints from her etsy shop}

If I were still single, these pretty little prints featuring my favorite things {macarons, stripes, flats, hunters…are you kidding me!?!} would hang all throughout my apartment. 

Check out her cute little blog for more artwork…
OH! Lookie there….more things I own and adore! 
Stripes? Kate? Okie Dokie
Once you go Hobo- you can’t go back
{i wish that had rhymed…}
In the process of convincing Josh that we need 4 “H” mugs from Anthropologie…can I get an amen?

the world is such a creative place. loooooves it. 

Happy Etsying!
🙂 amc


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