hopes & dreaming of the blendtec

About this juice cleanse…

blended broccoli and celery makes me gag. 

And I am addicted to reading blogs about green drinks/smoothies. This habit/lifestyle/diet/breakfast is so amazing for so many reasons!!!

However….most of the green drink world is able to put more vegetables into their drinks than I am. I have found that if I put more than 4 whole foods into my drinks, it creates an applesauce texture that is too difficult to get down. Not fair! I want more veggies! And I want to be able to actually drink my concoctions. 

Turns out- the green drinkers have POWER BLENDERS!!!!!!!!!!! 

No surprise, now I want one. 

{We don’t even own a blender now! I borrow my roommate Kim’s every morning, but she moves out soon. sooo sad. }

Meet the BlendTec. The man of my dreams. 

With the push of a button, this puppy beats fruits and veggies down to a “Whole Juice Drink.”
Don’t you LOVE that term! Smoothie sounds weak. 
This “whole juice drink” is perfectly smooth and I don’t have to sacrifice the fiber found in whole foods. 
I am talking like I own this sucker. I don’t….

Anyone want to fork over $430 for it? 🙂 Santa? Easter Bunny? Tooth Fairy? Hello?

Hopes & Dreaming…
🙂 amc

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