budget decorating dreams

Spring has Sprung! This means- switch out the wardrobe and do some spring cleaning! 

We started this weekend by rearranging some furniture and I made a dent {hardly} on the closet. My urge to redecorate is overwhelming…but I need to stay on a budget {blah….}. Thanks to Pinterest, there just may be some ways to spruce up the place and save some pennies. 

This is the look that I am going for with our living room. But a touch less bright white. Gosh, we need a couch. Where is the best place to get a new couch?  

I spend the most time in the kitchen {slaving away….:) haha }, so I think it should be a bit decorated as well. We have a metal-ish theme going on, so I think this would play well with it. 

Apparently this is a $1 floor mat that has been spray painted. Let the hunt begin. 

I have a fantastic white shelf that will be hung in the “dining room” very soon- I would like to fill it up like this one. The oh-so-expected wooden letters and ampersand 

An inexpensive way to give our table some custom love

At times it seems we have more books than a public library. We really need a book shelf and I love the idea of painting the back of it to make it look more designer-ish. 

We will be needing a new coffee table soon and given the budget- we might be sprucing up some $7 ikea tables like above. 

Cross your fingers that I will be able to accomplish some of this! 
🙂 amc


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