Musings of a Wednesday

Musings of a Wednesday

It’s been a good week… had some great workouts, dinners, times with friends, caught up on Smash {ahhhhmazing show} and watched world’s-worst Bachelor season come to a close {finally!!!}.

I’m working my cowboy boots today, love them! but… I think it is time for a more stylish pair
What are some good brands? 

Such a cute dress- it’s just about time to switch out my closet for Spring/Summer

I love this shelf in the kitchen, I want to recreate so I can show off my cute collection of tea {coffee..} cups! 

The other night I had a #DinnerFail and made a gross eggplant dish. I can’t bear to rehash the details and cannot figure out what went wrong. But now I am left with an extra eggplant and I haven’t been able to do anything to it but give it dirty looks. Grrr. Looks like I will go with my ole-standby and slice and roast the sucker. Take that eggplant. 

I also cannot figure out what I did to my left knee. Bikini and wedding season is much too close for me to throw in the cardio towel, so I am looking for other ways to sweat it out. Cycle/Spin class?! Looks amazing! 
Who wants to join with me? 🙂 They have 5:45 a.m. weekday classes! 

Enjoy your Wednesday! Halfway to the weekend kids

🙂 amc


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