myths debunked

Not sure if it is selective perception or the onset of bikini season, but I see weight-loss tips, tricks and secrets everywhere I turn. How do you know what to believe? Stick with reliable websites and double-check all resources. Everyone seems to have their own take on science and caveat emptor….

Speaking of… I love when some of those tips, tricks and secrets get proven false!

So I give a big ‘thank you’ to Refinery29 for posting a collection of 15 debunked weight-loss/fitness myths! 

Some highlights {but please read the whole article!!!}:

MYTH: If you’re looking to lose weight, you should cut out all fats.
“Fat does not make you fat — it is sugar, wheat, and refined carbs that do so because they cause the release of insulin, which leads to fat storage” –Dr. Lipman

MYTH: If you skip breakfast, you’ll lose weight faster.
“Skipping breakfast, eating a sugar-laden breakfast, or only drinking coffee sets your body up to crash later. Protein and fat are essential in the morning — we need those nutrients to keep us energized and alert” –Dr. Lipman

MYTH: Doing crunches is the best way to get toned abs.
“The first step to flat abs is watching what you eat” –David Kirsch

MYTH: Just do a ton of cardio and the weight will practically fall off.
“With cardio, once you step off the treadmill, the calorie burn is over.”
“Interval-type cardio has been shown to increase metabolism for over 36 hours after you step out of the gym. A combination of proper nutrition, resistance training, and intervals is not only a great way to lose weight, but also to end up with the body that you want”  –Dan Trink

MYTH: Lifting weights is only for people who want to bulk up.
“Lifting weights is really for people who want to increase bone density, lose weight, add lean muscle mass, correct muscular imbalances brought on by sports or lifestyle, remain injury-free and live longer, healthier lives.”  -Dan Trink

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