tropical transport

This morning I made a super yummy protein shake & I just have to share the recipe

It had a tropical taste to it and now I want it to be summer more than ever! 

wish i could wiggle my nose and be transported to this 

Tropical Protein Shake

one scoop of protein powder
{I can’t remember what protein powder I am using this month- but it is an organic brown rice one that is dairy, soy and gluten free that I found in the organic section of our Publix}


one heaping scoop of ground flaxseed
{i love this stuff! and i love that it doesn’t have much of a taste or texture}


half of a frozen banana
{i use half of a banana for my protein pancakes and i slice up the other half, put them in a baggie and into the freezer. it makes creating the perfect shake ever so easy! plus since the slices are frozen, your shake turns out cold! yumm}


one serving of 100% coconut water
{i love this stuff and it makes for a great hydration boost first thing in the morning}

4 easy ingredients and you have started your morning off in a healthy and tropical way!


🙂 amc


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