instant patience

I shared a lot of secrets last week… so this week I am just reminding you of what you already know about me. Yesterday, you were reminded that I love fall. Today, you will be reminded that I have an obsession with instant gratification and that me and patience tend to not get along. 

Exhibit A: Last night, a hot 8 hours after posting about my deep need to decorate the apartment for fall, I ended up at Pottery Barn WalMart {augh} and stocked up on decorating supplies! 

This little table is my favorite piece that I own. It was one of the first things that I bought at the Mart and Mom & I bought it together. You can’t tell from this pic but below those two drawers are 3 shelves for wine bottles. This table is the perfect size and color for my home and it now has been deemed the “holiday” table. At the turn of seasons and introduction of holiday’s, I vow to this table that I will decorate it accordingly. 
I do. 

Last night at PB WM, Josh was introduced to the hurricane vase. Two hours and 1 traffic ticket later, my kitchen counter was then introduced to the hurricane vase. 

This was clearly thrown together and desperately needs a table runner under it. But hey, in the spirit of instant gratification and decorating at 11 p.m.- this ma’am, is what you get. And I don’t hate it one bit. 

Come Winter {which begins no sooner than Nov 16th} those pine cones will surely be dressed  in gold and silver glitter. They are excited. 

Well, not everything can be done in one night {enter “Rome wasn’t built in a day” quote} so tonight I plan to continue the fall crafting festivities and boy, oh, boy do I have a fantastic idea ready!!! Can’t wait to share! Considered calling in sick so I could craft. JK…

🙂 amc 

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