do’s & don’ts

I have a shopping problem. Always have. An intense desire to shop comes up from deep inside of me and I honestly can’t fight it. My jaw hits the ground when women tell me that they hate to shop. It hurts my feelings. See? I have a problem. I take shopping much too seriously. 

Now I know that I have done many posts on my fall-fashion-picks, but more and more products just keep hitting the shelves and I can’t help but swoon! 

However, this collection is a tad bit different than ones that I have previously featured. 
These are all pieces that are a bit on the daring side for me…styles and fabrics that I have never tried before. 
So, Do? Or, Don’t? 

The One-for-One concept has merged from shoes to sunglasses! Thanks TOMS! It is such a wonderful idea and you should really read more about it here and then buy a pair! {True story- I have never owned a pair of aviators}

Capes… I have a Karen Walker state of mind about this one…Honey, whats this, whats happening, whats going on here?” But after seeing so many of the fashion bloggers rock it right, I am inspired to give it a whirl. 

The bootie. So cute & strange. While I like to claim to be creative, I also have a lot of my dad in me which causes me to look at things from a purely functional point of view. And from that point of view…the bootie just doesn’t make the cut. The right side of my brain wants to get some bootie though. {sorry, that was weird} Stay tuned…
{Banana Republic}

The J Crew Matchstick cord. Way too precious. Way too comfortable. Way too stylish. I simply need some of these!!! {please go on sale, please go on sale}

Faux Fur… Girly collar, a-line shape, 3/4 sleeve, fabulous and functional. Not sure if the south is ready for this one…but oh it is so chic! Especially with that red lip! 

Should I take these fashion risks? Are they “do’s”? 
🙂 amc 

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