wonderful weekends

Sunday, September 25
Back at Cottage Cheek! I am laying out on the porch and thought i would try to blog from my phone with the Blogger app.

The weather this weekend was hotter than expected but i can still tell that Fall is not far from us. Even though I often pretend it is full-on Fall by wearing boots. Hey, if I can’t wear my white then I get to wear my boots. It’s only fair.

Let’s try posting some pics from the weekend:
Okay I cant figure it out so here is my weekend in pics! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
šŸ™‚ amc

Monday, September 26
Happy Monday! Just got on an actual computer and saw that my mobile post yesterday was a hot mess! I have organized and labeled the pics now 
šŸ™‚ amc 

GA Tech Game with Josh & Dad! 
Mom and 2 of her friends did the Breast Cancer 2 Day Walk! We saw them Saturday and then again on Sunday at the finish line! 

Mom really wants a pink jet ski for Cottage Cheek
Great Job Ladies!!!! So proud of you! 
Then we spent the rest of the day at Cottage Cheek! 

Mom & Josh were proud of their tattoos- haha!!! 
I managed to get some sun on the porch and the deck. I love this lake house! 


What a wonderful weekend! 5 more days till the next one…counting down šŸ™‚

šŸ™‚ amc

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