cottage cheek

As I mentioned before, Mom & Dad bought a lake house! To clarify it is a “lake-house”, not to be confused with “a-house-on-a-lake.” Apparently this means that the house has “character” and that is a good thing. 
The house also came with all of it’s furniture and lucky for us, {and the boys that would have to carry in new furniture} their stuff is pretty good!

Take a peek into Cottage Cheek! 

 Love this piece that is in the kitchen. The grandparents of the former-owners of Cottage Cheek owned the Lake Jackson Inn and this is one of the original pieces. {did that make any sense???} I love the beadboard backing. I also love the little bit of turquoise paint that is holding on the cabinet doors. Sadly, it isn’t holding on too tight so the panels will be replaced with glass soon

This is a dresser in my room. The trusty ole iPhone didn’t do it justice- but it is a very neat piece and I actually like the lamp and mirror on it

Some pieces we didn’t love as much…

So we painted them white! Instant update!

Luckily the bathrooms are in great shape- cute details, nice fixtures and good color schemes.

The large fireplace in the living room is wonderful! I can’t wait for our first fire there on a cool fall night! The mantle is a work in progress {but that frame in the middle is from our Scott’s adventure!}

Sadly, that is all the pictures I have of the house… 

But here are some from our first weekend at the house! 
I spent my fair share of the weekend posted up on one of the docks with yummy seasonal beer! I die for anything with pumpkin in it!
Of course, we spent a lot of time around the dining table
Yummy breakfast!
We also discovered Blind Pig BBQ. It is right up the street from our house and super yummy! 
I insisted that we get shirts. Don’t the Cheek Fam’s “3 Blind Pigs” look great in them?!

We got used to lake-living real quick! 

I tried so hard to get Mr Mason to sit on the side of the dock with me

He said no

Can’t wait to go back! 

🙂 amc

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