going westward. to kate spade land!

@katespadeny kate spade new york 
in the atlanta area? join deborah lloyd & @emilyandmeritt at our lenox shop this evening from 5-8.

When I saw this little tweet roll through my twitter feed, it didn’t take but 2 minutes for me to reschedule my evening plans so that I could attend this! Kate Spade’s new Westward Collection is so great for fall, the designers Emily & Meritt have been doing so many press events and promotions for it on twitter and it has been so much fun to watch {“watch” on my twitter feed that is…}. 

Some pics from last nights Atlanta Kate Spade event:

i spy great glittery bags!

fantastic glittery heels. a show stopper

the beautiful back wall of the Kate Spade collection at Bloomingdales

they served these cute little lemonades with striped straws {of course!} to sip on

ohh to be a Kate Spade mannequin. 🙂

best of all!…. my friend Morgan and I got to MEET Emily, Meritt and DEBORAH LLOYD!

 Deborah is Kate Spade’s creative director and the “Deborah” behind the Deborah Loves emails and portions of the Kate Spade website. This girl has STYLE! They were all super sweet and commended our sweet South for being charming, hospitable, super nice and dressed in bright colors! 🙂  Gotta love that! 

What an opportunity! It is a DREAM for me to hire Deborah to speak at one of my events. A dream! 
🙂 amc 

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