everything in gold

Today is “announce your issues and obsessions on your blog day.” It’s national. And official. Google it. {actually…don’t.}

My next issue is that I LOVE gold! Silver just doesn’t cut it for me anymore, I want everything plated in gold, sprinkled with gold, dumped in gold, painted in gold and any other way you can cover anything in gold! And make it glittery and I am just over the moon! 

 i have always loved painted stripes in the dining room and this version in shiny gold is so elegant and gorgeous. i really hope to copy this one day
gold poufs!

gold coasters made by my crafty friend Emily. check out the how-to on her blog
how about a gold cake?! haha- i like it though! 

of course some gold jewelry!!! i really want that big chain bracelet she has. really bad!

how about a wonderful gold clutch by kate spade? 

and matching shoes? yes! 

and some gold apparel, i would totally wear both pieces all of the time! 

another great gold clutch! hint hint…. i mean, it has a bow too!!!

and a sweet gold thank you note {with stripes!}

have a golden day
🙂 amc

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