baby fever

Before I even begin this post, I need to clarify that I am NOT pregnant! NO WAY JOSE! 

However, little babies are part of my Hopes & Dreams and this blog is about “what hope & dreams are made of”! So! One of my most favorite friends, Maggie, just found out that she is having a BOY! So very exciting! 
Obviously, this got my pinterest wheels spinning in overdrive {not hard to do…}

i love the style of this nursery. i think it has so much room to grow in and of course i love the colors. 

and a pretty little baby girl would be lucky to have this room. love the light fixture {ikea!}
are the colors gender neutral enough?

for a creative little bohemian baby

this is the ultimate room! one day when i am pregnant {in the very very far future} i want to keep the gender a surprise, so i think this room is just perfect! 

{visit my “baby hopes and dreams” pinterest page for more info on all of these rooms}

This morning on the news I heard that “baby fever” is actually a real disease. EEK! So this post is ending. πŸ™‚ Don’t want to actually catch that! 

πŸ™‚ amc


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