sharing recipes for happy stuffing cookies

Bad Amanda. I showed you pictures of the super yummy oreo stuffed {or is it chocolate chip cookie stuffed?} cookies earlier this week. But I failed to tell you how to create these little devils…. whoopsies! 

Its insanely simple. 

All you need is a package of cookie dough squares and some double stuffed oreos. And a devilish mindset, because what you are about to make is too good to be Holy. 

If you cut corners when it comes to baking, like me, then just grab one package of these pre-made babies. And do not, do not, do not, eat any of it. As tasty as cookie dough is- you will do yourself a disservice. So be patient, you will want more baked cookies. 

You will need two blocks of the cookie dough for each cookie, one package of the dough makes 12 cookies. Take one block and roll it into a flat circle….

Then place the greatest food invention of all time, DOUBLE STUF oreos, on top of the smashed cookie dough. 

If you are lucky and it is holiday season at your grocery store- you may stumble across the best version of Double Stuf Oreos which is….

colorful double stuf oreos!!! halloween orange is my favorite 🙂 

Back to “baking”…Next carefully {this is kinda hard…} smash another cookie dough square on top of the oreo and close up the seams as best you can so that no oreos are showing. You can’t have your oreo showing, that would be embarrassing. Wait, what?? Blame it on Friday brain. 

Slap those sugary suckers on a baking sheet, bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes, let them sit for about 5 minutes {I know…I know…augh}. 

Then pour yourself a glass of milk and dive in! 

Yumminess!  🙂 amc


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