southern haberdashery

Lately, I have been working on a project that has me oogling the wonderfulness of southern menswear designers. I just love drooling all over the handsome fashions and wishing they could all jump into Josh’s closet right away! {champagne taste…beer budget…urgh…we make it work though}

Gotta start with the mecca of men’s fashion: Sid Mashburn. A store {and online shop now!} that offers the upmost selection in everything your dream man should be clothed in. Not to mention the store is gorgeous with unmatched customer service. 

Sid designs his own line, like this perfect shirt above, but also carries tried and true deep south lovable lines like Levi’s. 
While I am dying for gingham {which is a love that lasts 24/7 always and forever} check out this handsome tie from Hitsman
And their corduroy bowtie! Their what?! Yup, corduroy bowtie. Cute! Er handsome, stylish, some manly synonym for cute…
Love these shorts from Billy Reid.
 More Billy Reid. Thanks to Josh, I have a new passionate love for leather and suede driving shoes. Aren’t they wonderful! 
{I need a girl version! Tods? Minnetonkas? Def on my fall wishlist are these cuties}
Speaking of JCrew {this only makes sense if you actually clicked the link above…}, Josh has this watch. It is so wonderful!!! I love all of the different bands. LOVE!

I love men’s accessories. Do men call them accessories??? Well, I do. Maybe one day if Josh is very nice, he will get one of these great Jack Spade bags. πŸ™‚ 
I love men’s fashion, especially when it is coated in southern style. Seersucker, bowties, GINGHAM, stripes, canvas, broken-in leather, light colored suede, natural woodsy tones, beards, {Wait, that doesn’t count. But it is almost necessary men’s fashion!} printed belts, polka dot ties, bright colored shorts, etc.
All this man talk has me craving some “cowboy food” {The Pioneer Woman’s terminology}…. maybe Rathbun’s pork chops, or a stiff and refreshing Pimm’s cup from Empire State South, or a big ole burger from Yeah!, or a heaping bowl of red mule grits from JCT, or fries dipped in duck fat aioli from Kaleidescope, really anything that includes duck fat or pork fat. I’m fat. But yumm this all sounds good!!!
{the picture above is of The Pioneer Woman’s Big Fat Bacon Sliders and you can bet my chubby cheeks that when I made those for my cowboy we gobbled them up faster than fast!}

Which reminds me I am dying to try the new restaurant Local 3
Dishes made by these cowboys just HAS to be outstanding! There is a portion of their menu named “Notorious P.I.G.” Come on!!!  I have to go there!
Before I turn into a boy {and a fat one at that! haha} I will stop myself from gushing about handsome haberdashery and masculine meat dishes. 
Off to fill my mind with pretty dresses, shoes and makeup! Girly things!  
πŸ™‚ amc

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