hippie love

My mom often tells me that she wishes she were still a flower child {not the wedding kind}, or something like that. She is a hippie in her own way- saving the world, wearing flowy skirts, her long wavy blonde hair, planting flowers, looking for shapes in the clouds {uhh}, always telling me that everything will turn out just great. Love my hippie-ish mom. 

There is also another hippie in my life- she is one of my best friends and my college roommate and she is wonderful. She is a different kind of hippie… very artsy, super on trend with fashion, has a ferret {is that a hippie thing?! ha} and has an open, free-spirited mind. She also started a blog today!!! {hmm… i wonder who forced her hand to do that…}

pretty kelley!

her blog!I am so excited to read it! I know it’ll be full of fashion and art and pics of her and her adoring boyfriend. 

So…speaking of hippies…. I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! And I don’t know how this has happened but I have failed to mention them in any blogs so far. I feel awful. I am a bad member of their fan club. 😦 I absolutely grew up with them {err Michelle Tanner really; then MK&A} and have loyally followed them throughout the years. They are complete icons to me for so many reasons and if you don’t already own their book– you gotta get it. 

This is not only my all time favorite photograph in the world. But it is obviously my favorite photo of Ashley Olsen. She looks precious to boot {the pic was originally in Harper’s maybe, but it is in their book too}

And how freaking cute is Mary Kate! I love everything about her in this spread- the hair, the  make-up, the clothes. She rocks. {and i want to be an Indian for Halloween now}

One more thing, check out these INCREDIBLE friendship bracelets!!!
insane, right!?!?! gorgeous!!! 
{and like $400+!! whoa, that’s a good friend}

 so beautiful! you can buy me one at the DolorisPetunia Etsy store. thank you in advance 😉

peace, love and happiness  🙂 amc

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