COOK | Red Lentil Dhal Quesadilla 

  and the only thing better than @pinchofyum’s red lentil dhal over rice is leftover red lentil dhal smooshed into a hot and crispy quesadilla // #praisehands Red Lentil Dhal Quesadilla > Pinch of Yum RECIPE + spinach and cheese of your choice pan fried in a soft tortilla // amanda macy


COOK | Red Lentil Dhal

@pinchofyum for the win, as always! My first try at both lentils and curry and it turned out sweet, spicy, warm and delicious! Red lentil dhal served over steamed brown rice and spinach with curry coconut milk baked chicken 🍴🍴🍴 // #highlyrecommend #evendadenjoyed #leftoversfordays Easy Red Lentil Dhal > Pinch of Yum RECIPE // amanda … More COOK | Red Lentil Dhal