french wine jugs

Regular sized wine bottles are for sissies. 

At the Country Living Fair last weekend {more on that soon} I spotted an exhibitor selling french wine jugs in their original crates. Such a cool look! Of course I could think of dozens of ways to decorate with them…but being low on floor space and appalled by the $125+ price tag, I sadly walked away. 

And I haven’t stopped thinking about that find since…

A simple look to add life {through a dead branch…the irony} to a boring corner. Wouldn’t this just be so precious with a couple of ornaments and small lights for Christmas?

Even sitting in its original crate container or transferred to a different style basket- this just looks awesome! 
A slightly smaller version filled with water and {temporarily} living branch truly brings the beauty of the outdoors in. 

Well my calendar is marked for Scott’s Antique Market in hopes that my jug and I are reunited. 

🙂 amh


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