thanks in a bucket

Though I could never do enough to say “thank you” to the hostesses of my bridal shower- I gave it my best effort with these pails of thanks! 

I started with some printed pails from IKEA. I hated the print, but loved the price and the size, so they came home and got a coat of gray paint and fun chevron label {made by me using Word! Easy!}. Coat in Modge Podge and the pails were ready to be filled with goodies! 

For my bridesmaids, I filled their pail with a drybar gift certificate, drybar menu and matching Twistbands. They will surely have the most stylish hair on the block! 

Their lovely mothers got a pail with precious dishtowels, loose passion fruit black tea and a tea diffuser. It is my hope that they enjoy some relaxing times with this fragrant and tasty tea! 

Passion Fruit Black Tea from the Dekalb Farmers Market + custom diy labels + small glass container. 
Ta da! 

I love gift giving! 
🙂 amc


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