lust of the day: workout capris

Currently lusting over these…

{in black…NOT grey}
I saw them in the store over the weekend and they look as perfect as can be!

I also love the look of the Body Language Scrunchy Capri which got super popular thanks to the newly teeny tiny Miley Cyrus. The foldover band is so cute and looks amazingly comfortable. 

But!!! What to do if your budget says you shouldn’t spend $80 on workout capris? Which for real, I NEED! I only have 4 pairs and they are getting worn & worn-out fast! {Flywheel Baby!!!}

Budget workout gear… eek? or yay!

Priced at $35 {and they always have sales} these Under Armour capris look tough as nails but still cute! 

If you know how to shop- turn to GapFit {with your coupons & discount codes}. But buyer beware- check the materials and steer clear of their cotton {major sweat soaker, yuck}. 

Still priced a tad too high? Look to the low-budget options like this Old Navy pair. Surprisingly not made with cotton and priced around $20! 

Leave the investment state of mind to someone else and snag this cheapy pair from Forever21! Believe it or not they have a full line of workout gear priced insanely low. 

decisions, decisions, decisions…
🙂 amc

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