little things i like

Oh isn’t the world just full of lovely things?!
Check out these cutie little things! 
I noticed this line back in January at our Market and knew they were about to be a HIT! Now I see their precious products all over the place. 
My dining table NEEDS these chevron placemats- they are one time use only {unless your’e super clean…} and make setting the table super easy and crazy chic, in an instant! 

Drink & Ride! 🙂
I can’t remember where I found these cuties {sorry!} but the colors are adorable and they remind me to go flyyyyy at FlyWheel! 🙂 

Who would like to come over and wallpaper one of my walls in this GORGEOUS paper? 
So amazingly lovely! 

if money grew on trees
🙂 amc


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