two years down, forever to go

Josh & I celebrated our second date-iversary last weekend.

Like most couples, we celebrated with dinner & drinks. 

But in JAMM fashion- we kicked it up a notch! 
This month’s chalkboard sign šŸ™‚
Date night at Watershed on Peachtree

We started with AMAZING cocktails! Seriously, amazing! I was doing all I could to stay classy and sip slowly. 
After our first cocktail we moved to the dinner table where it was romantically dark and I couldn’t take any good pictures. Very disappointing because the food was so delicious and beautiful! Josh and I believe this food to be in our top tier of favorite Atlanta rests! Def going back. Hungry thinking about it. 
Saturday night family wedding with my handsome date

We rounded out the weekend with crafty time! Poor Josh…Lucky for him all he ever has to do is deliberate over fabric choices with me and use a staple gun. The staple gun part ain’t half bad for a man now! 
My first EVER attempt at a pillow. Not too bad! I got very confused with the whole closure part…I will need to learn how to do buttons soon. 

The extra burlap was just enough for a “new” lampshade!

Another pillow! I made the little accent pillow using leftover DwellStudio fabric I had. This one….didn’t turn out quite as well. But I left my perfectionism at work this weekend, so it is what it is. 

Our major project for the weekend was updating two boring stools! 
We had two of these that needed more of a purpose. So they got sanded, dry painted and were given an upholstered cushion top. What do you think? Now they fit in with our home and are much more comfortable! Since we already had the paint and stools, this project only cost about $8! Just get some thick foam and 1/2 yard of fabric for two. 
Yay! I love them! 

So that was it ladies and gentlemen, our two year anniversary weekend. I loved every second of it- dinner, drinks, crafting and all. I am so blessed! 

Love you J! 
šŸ™‚ amc


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