shades of grey: home decor

It seems I am going through a grey phase. And no, not that kind of grey phase. 

Shades I’m in to: 

Matted black & white photos look stunning with the shadow of a grey wall

Painted grey furniture accented in gold is simply luxurious 

The cluster of grey pillows on the white white couch speak to me. 

Somehow a grey rug makes rugs look less stuffy and old. 
Grey is good for the rug reputation.

More grey furniture with gold hardware. I feel a DIY coming on…

An office for the important only. 

This will probably be purchased super soon. 

Grey & yellow- it’s not going away!
Stripes make my heart beat. 

I love how well shades of grey {smirk, giggle, blush} go together. 
That chair is luscious next to the walls. 

Orange goes with anything. Or is it…. Grey goes with anything? 

I need more grey in my life. The color. 😉

shaded by grey
🙂 amc


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