now introducing…the bridesmaids

{Wednesday, May 2, 2012}

now introducing…the bridesmaids

{the bridesmaids}

Lydia Gilleland
Maid of Honor
Childhood Best Friend
Lydia and I go together like PB&J. She is the sister I never had and one of the most special people in my life. All throughout high school we were connected at the hip and now a days when we are together, we are no different. This girl gets me like no other and is truly a gift from God to my life. Lydia currently lives in the amazing city of Savannah even though I try daily to convince her to come back to me. 

Sara Fowler 
Childhood Best Friend
This girl is the definition of best friend through and through. Not a moment goes by that Sara and I aren’t causing trouble and laughing up a storm. Instant best friends from middle school on, we grew up together and are always trying to take on the world. Sara currently lives in wonderful DC and I also try very hard to get her to come back home. 

Carrie Wise
Childhood Best Friend
When I need to laugh, cry, complain, rejoice and everything in between, Carrie is my go-to girl. A fantastic listener and beautiful lady inside and out. She’s got a great head on her shoulders and is a daily inspiration to me. Carrie lives in Auburn right now but will soon be in Atlanta! So very exciting! 

Jennifer Settle Blackmon
Childhood Best Friend
My partner in crime, Jennifer is always pushing the envelope and surprising me with her latest talents and interests. Jennifer is the girl that I can honestly tell anything to. She is as loyal as they get and completely precious. Jennifer currently lives in Kershaw, SC with her new hubbie and new puppies. 

Kelley Evans
College Friend, Sorority Sister
After living and traveling with Kelley for many years, everyone knows she is the definition of being yourself. So loving and fun, Kelley is one that I always want by my side. Whether it’s mindlessly catching up on SATC, traveling abroad {above}, spontaneously taking trips or shopping till we’re broke, Kelly is always up for it and you are guaranteed to have fun.  Kelley lives in her hometown of Macon but {lucky for me} visits Atlanta frequently. 

Emily Ewalt
College Friend, Sorority Sister
So sweet Emily is a friend that is so easy to love. Dedicated, supportive and always up for fun , this girl and I get closer and closer each time we are together. I love the friendship that I have with her and know that it is one that will grow forever. Emily moves to San Fransisco with her new fiance this month but has promised to visit often. 🙂
Kim Contigiani
College Friend, Sorority Sister, Roommate
Fast friends, Kim and I met on the first day of rush and have done everything together ever since. Always moving, always progressing, always succeeding, Kim is a girl that I look up to. I am so happy to have gotten to live with her post-college, we have had a blast going through big girl growing pains and discovering Atlanta. Kim currently lives in Buckhead so I get to see her very often! 

Josh and I are so excited to stand with such a lovely group of girls on our most special day. Each girl represents something so special to me, I cherish each one of them more than they know and am proud to call them sisters in God for our lifetime. 

I love you ladies
🙂 amc 

{top picture: not actual bridesmaids dresses, sorry}


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