Veggie. Juice. Overload.

Day Two…

Veggie. Juice. Overload. 

I am hardly 24 hours in and I may have ruined my favorite breakfast. Up until this morning I craved and looooved my giant green veggie filled smoothie every the morning. Now my crazy brain has taken over and I want a warm breakfast that requires chewing. I know it is mental, the drinks still taste good but I can’t stop thinking about…

That is really a strange craving for me. Dang you juice cleanse that messed with my mind. Knowing that I “can’t” bite into warm food has me craving things that I really don’t even like anymore. 

Maybe it is because it took me no less than two hours last night to produce this line-up: 

Aren’t they so pretty though! 🙂 

Exhausting just to look at… last night I met my vegetable chopping quota for the month. 

But how yummy does that pink one look!!!!
I am drinking it now and totally in fruit juice heaven {go away veggies, grrr}

10 ounces water
1 chopped up fresh mango
pulp & juice of one grapefruit
juice of 1/2 lemon
4 strawberries

Blend until its pretty in pink & enjoy

This drink is just so good! Take me to a beach!!! The consistency is that of applesauce…but I am getting used to that. Except that when I get sick of the taste {veggie smoothies, I’m looking at you} you can’t exactly chug it down and get it over with. Another downfall of the blended juice cleanse {vs. using a juicer}. 

now about lunch… hmmm 
🙂 amc 


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