a cottage cheek christmas

Is it the Holiday season? Is it planning a wedding? Is it that January market is mere days away? Or is it being on a jury? For one reason or another, I feel pulled in 1 million directions and I am so overwhelmed! 
After a therapeutic talk with my Dad, great big hug from my Fiance, love & comfort from my Mom and a fun bitch session with a good friend…I am now settled into my couch, Michael Buble’s latest Christmas CD is on, I have a homemade buttered rum cocktail in my hand, Mason the cuddley boxer next to me, fire in the fireplace, Christmas tree lights on and I think I am about ready to tackle the to-do list. 
First up- blog!!! 

After our giant Thanksgiving celebration and knowing that an even more giant Christmas celebration was upon us; I think the Cheek family was longing for a more simple and intimate Holiday celebration. So last Saturday we packed up and met down at Cottage Cheek:

With an exception for the Cindy Lou Who Christmas tree… 🙂 the Cottage was decorated from head to toe and overflowing with Christmas cheer! I was instantly transported to that happy-holiday feeling. 

Mom {and Dad???….} had vintage ornaments scattered about, baskets filled with fresh garland, beautiful seasonal linens and of course….

Our stockings hung on the fireplace! They are so Cottage-perfect! And homemade 🙂 
It’s those special touches…

Before we made our big holiday meal {complete with a turkey! yesss!}, Mom & Dad insisted that we go cut down a….Christmas {?} tree… 

Oh hey there Christmas tree…that looks like a pathetic shrub. 

Poor thing was subject to decorating torture. I would like to take this moment to remind you that both the Cheek-Contigiani-Hall household and the Cheek family do believe in and own actual Christmas trees. So, you don’t need to feel sorry for us or anything. 🙂 

We had a blast cooking a fabulous dinner, playing outside, dressing Mason up and exchanging $5 gifts. We each were tasked with buying each family member {+ Josh!} a gift that only cost $5. The results were HILARIOUS! Everything from movies, books and dog bones to donut sticks, pictures and a DIY beer pong set. We all had an amazing time picking on each other and showing our love. 
 Oh yeah! While the boys loaded up fire wood- I fed chickens!!!

It was so awesome and I totally love this picture. I kind of want to print it…..

Hopes & Dreams is New Traditions!!!
🙂 amc


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