holiday ham

Remember when I made that turkey for Friendsgiving? Well… I kind of impressed myself with how yummy it was. But I was sad that Josh didn’t get to taste any of it. So I decided to take a stab at a ham.  
A four-pound piggy without the glaze packet. But who needs that Paula Deen in a packet?! Homemade glaze is easy! 

Love that caramelized crust.
I can’t remember 100% but I believe the glaze consisted of dark brown sugar, pineapple, red pepper flakes, honey, mustard and garlic. I simmered it, blended it all together {immersion blender!} and spread it all over the ham twice during its trip in the oven.

We have been eating these little holiday piggy sliders all week. So tasty!!!

I also turned that ham into a tasty casserole using random items found in the kitchen. 
Boil water and cook noodles until just about al dente
In a skillet, saute pearl onions, frozen peas and garlic. Collect the juices in the pan by adding a bit of flour- then begin to create a cheesy sauce by adding in butter, cream, and as many different yummy cheeses that you have. 
Combine it all together and bake that baby off till bubble inside and crispy on top.

I am really enjoying cooking classic holiday things! While I am yet to use a recipe, things have been working out so far thanks to my season, smell and sample method of cooking 🙂 

Thinking about a pot roast for tonight- my crock pot is crying to be used

🙂 amc


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