trimming turkeys and trees

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope that everyone had a beautiful and blessed holiday. 

We spent ours at Grandmommy and Grandaddy’s house with 50 of our wonderful family members. Surprisingly there were actually leftovers

This wasn’t easy
My family!

I love these pictures- Mom is so pretty!
Those boys

Before all of this- the girls and I had an impromtu Thanksgiving dinner! I actually cooked a turkey and homemade gravy! So exciting- we had a fantastic time! Good friends. Good food. Doesn’t get much better

 Turks the turkey hot and fresh out the oven!
 Carved and ready to eat 

A complete and wonderful meal! Shout out to PowPowell infamous stuffing, Meagan’s tasty beans and Morgan’s first stab at cooking: mac & cheese!

This morning Josh and I scratched our Christmas tree itch and decked the halls!

The first JAMM family tree ready for Home!

We went with a fresh tree- we just couldn’t part with its beautiful fragrance

work in progress photo opp!

I added some Christmas love to the mantle too. 
{the other half of the mantle is reserved for Kim and Travis 🙂 }

 JAMM family stockings
Josh Amanda Miley Mason

The Holiday season has begun!

Excited to celebrate in our Holiday decorated Home 

Off to bake a ham! 
🙂 amc 


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