t-giving task

Poor Josh, sometimes he gets the craziest meals. Like last night…I decided that I would do some test runs of snacks. For two reasons- One, I wanted to try out the new dutch oven and fry something baby!!! And Two, Thanksgiving is coming up and for whatever terrible reason, it was decided {slash-I regretfully offered..} that I would bring appetizers. 

So for dinner Josh and I hunkered into these tasty treats:

 Roasted Summer Sausage with Sweet/Savory Dipping Sauce

Pepper Poppers: peppers grown by Mr. Hall in good ole Chickamauga stuffed with chili seasoning, oregano, cream cheese and parmesan cheese {didn’t have any colby or jack or cheddar or anything} then…. deep friend! 

Didn’t make the healthiest or most substantial dinner but sure was fun and yummy! 

Question still lingers- what do I make for the Thanksgiving appetizer? Did I mention that I want to spend very little money and I have to feed 50+ people?! Umm… 

 Baked Brie is a Patty Cheek classic and I am very tempted to follow in her footsteps

I enjoy making this kind- anything wrapped in a carb is always just that much better. Throw some fruit in there for good measure and “health”

Intrigiuing! Especially since a long car ride is involved in this project

The Pepper Poppers from last night were amazing but would take way too much work for such a crowd. This version could be good! Plus it has bacon! 

How cute right!!! But no way

Back to achievable goals- this spicy cranberry dip looks yummy and could be easy! I love that it has a bit of kick to it!

White Pizza Dip maybe? Kids love that stuff! 

But Pizza with toppings is always better- I bet in dip world- this still reigns true. 

Is this too stupid?

So that strange roasted sausage dish was a play on the wonderful Mrs. Rachel Zoe’s recipe. Remember last season when she made it for the company’s backyard bbq and people “died” over it? Being a lover of RZ and sausage…I had to try it. 

And I went bananas over it! I think the boys will gobble it up too! 

Gosh I wish! 

Sweet little bites! 

Happy Thanksgiving!
{i love you orange, i love you glitter, i love you acorns}

Well I will be sure to let you know what it created. Yahoo! 
đŸ™‚ amc


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