Hello Friday! Is it just me or was this week very long? No true complaints, it was just long! And I am very excited about this weekend because I am hoping to beat this head-cold/sinus infection super quickly and then go out with wonderful friends for my 25th birthday! 

25! I think I am going to like this year more than my 24th year. I have a hunch 🙂 

I’m going to be honest, my head hurts and I really don’t have much to talk about. But I have some good pics to share:

Don’t you love the new addition to my mantle! {The HOME letters}. I scored them at a phenomenal price in one of my favorite showrooms! You can’t tell but the letters are a worn metal with a lot of worn-in detail. 
{Creative Co-Op Building 2 Floor 10}

 I did a little updating to my bathroom last night. Good bye blue and white polka dot decor- hello more sophisticated bathroom. I mean, I am almost 25! 

I switched out the blue tray for this elegant-ish white one. I like it a ton better already! 

I keep wanting to buy such brightly colored accent pieces! These are so cool- but I am holding out till I find them in white. 
{Creative Co-Op Building 2 Floor 10}

I found one of my favorite jewelry lines! If I only I were a buyer so I could snatch them up! But that is ok- because I love the girls at SwellCaroline – and I can buy from them! 🙂

I love bold prints and have been spying this great make-up bag for such a long time. Sometimes Swoozie’s carries the line!

Hey Hey leather jackets! How cute are these outfits! Of course, I love the leather jackets. Find something you love- buy it in every color!

Swoon! Can’t {kinda} wait till Spring so I can bring out the turquoises, whites and corals again! 

Well, that was a sufficiently random post. Do you understand why I am so shopping obsessed?! I am surrounded by the most gorgeous gifts, home accents and apparel! 

🙂 amc


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