coveting closets

My parents wouldn’t approve, but some celebrities just offer style-spiration! I like to assume that they have professional stylists that help them look their best, and even if they don’t, they must have access to the best apparel and accessories right at their fingertips. 

For the rest of us…we can only covet their closets and attempt to accessorize the way they do. 

Celeb style-spiration for fall:

Rachel Bilson. So easy, effortless and precious

The ultimate fall outfit: long cardi, brown boots, leggings, tshirt and scarf. We have all been there before, and we will all continue to rock this as often as possible. {no back to back days please}

Chic Sister! Miss Ashley Olsen looking polished in a beautiful skirt and easy white top. 

And so easily, she can bring it back downtown. Love the stiped tunic and black boots. Black boots are hard for me to wear- but this is inspirational. Thanks Ash

She does it again. Making the black boot look beautiful. Bonus points for the leather jacket! Watch out if I try this one out- I will bring the attitude with it 🙂 

Yeah Yeah Yeah, we have seen this hair look 134,894 times. But I still like it. And I really like her pink lip! 

Another hair look I love. Her curls are perfection. The snarl on her face…not so much. 

Recreating asap! Bilson is way too cute and I am dying for leather jackets & yelllow accessories this season! 

Stripes + Blazer + Long Skirt. Great look!

Its clear, I know who my fashion girls are for this season! With pics of Ashley, Rachel and Lauren- I SHOULD be looking Fashionable & Fall all season long! 

🙂 amc

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