a fall home

It is safe to say that I have beat into your heads that “fall is my favorite time of the year.” Well sadly, it dawned on me yesterday during a Target trip that I haven’t decorated at all for the season! The apartment looks just the same as it always does with the exception of some candied corn in a dish {thanks to the roommate}, a fire in the fireplace each night and the sudden appearance of thicker blankets all over the place. 

I gotta get on it! But what to do? 
{Dear Pinterest…}

I am yet to own a wreath and I keep seeing them everywhere! I, of course, want to make my own. I like this look because {I think…} the pumpkins can be switched out for other seasonal items throughout the year

Speaking of wreaths…I think both of these are pretty cute as well. Love the orange! Where do you get the base of the wreath though? I am lost here. 

I don’t even have a pumpkin this year…the only one that we had, I cut up and made into risotto! I love carving a pumpkin and eating the seeds- but this is really cute and looks much quicker to do

I do LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds {snacking on some as we speak}- this is 3 different flavors! Maybe I will carve a pumpkin…

Back to decorating. How sad it is that I don’t even own hurricane vases like this? Must buy some soon because I do love this look.

This is a very cute look without having to do the pumpkin thing. I really want the monogrammed vases! Really bad!

Way too cute. I love the white look and of course the gingham ribbon on top. Looks like another easy decorative piece that can be changed out for each season. I need. 

After seeing this online look all.the.time. I have finally seen it in person and I officially love it! But where would I hang it from? Fireplace mantle? Is that too much fire in one place? Decisions….

Oh those book page wreaths… It’s about time I give this a shot. It has a nice fall feel too

Inspiration for next year:
{surely, I will have it a bit more “together” then, right?}

I sure do have my work cut out for me next year! 

🙂 amc

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