poppy king kisses

From J Crew: The search for the perfect shade is over—lipstick guru Poppy King created this covetable coral color just for us, and it may just be the last lipstick you ever buy. Understated and polished yet decidedly glamorous, it’s exactly what we look for in a lip color. King’s creation is the product of 20 years spent obsessively perfecting textures, finishes and colors.

You can’t tell me that you don’t absolutely covet that lip color! {and her rings…and sunglasses…}

pretty snazzy!

even looks great standing alone, who needs blush and mascara now?! {umm…}

all ready to go! 

decision made. i need this tube of lip color perfection. 

poppy king kisses for everyone! {not really..}
🙂 amc 


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