singing songs and atlanta apparel market

“When you feel down and out, Sing a song, it’ll make your day”
-Earth, Wind & Fire “Sing a Song”

That is what I will do today. Sing a song. Get excited co-workers 🙂 My pandora is set to the Michael Jackson/Hall & Oates station and my singing voice is ready to go. 

The August Apparel Market was this past week/weekend. Here are some pics of pretty things that I found {just some, there was so much though!!!}! 

gorgeous. i am in love with the bronze dress

the “darling” booth was well..just darling! i loved their set-up and their line of apparel and accessories

such as this precious clutch! soft leather, too cute detail & colors, and just the right size with a chain strap

they carry a couple of different versions of this type of detailed shift dress. i could live in these

i discovered this line called Kirribilla. the dresses are precious for special occasions, weddings and even as bridesmaids dresses. stick a bow and some ruffles on it and you know i will go for it! 

I enjoyed Market, but am really looking forward to our October one! 

🙂 amc


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