love to my people and positivity

Market is here! So I am going to do a little shout-out to “positivity” and to the AMAZING team that I work on! Seriously, I am so incredibly blessed to work with some wonderful girls {thats right, i said “girls”}. We have so much fun even through the absolute #bydesign craziness that goes down in the world of tradeshows! This team ROCKS!
Sadly, Tory Burch has nothing to do with Market. But her happy yellow outfit makes me smile. and on this blog, i share what makes me smile. so there ya go

Also, this room makes me smile. i feel like it SCREAMS AMANDA MACY! The colors, the softness, the boldness, the shapes, the hydrangeas, the ORANGE. I love it so much and it actually looks like something that one day in my Hopes & Dreams House I could re-create!
In the spirit of linking this back to Market- i am constantly bombarded with amazing interiors, design driven products and inspirational ideas for styling rooms. it is incredible!!! but is also the reason i have Hopes & Dreams issues. haha.

This cute little bright yellow sign is posted next to my computer at work. I love the mantra. “it is my daily attitude in life.” read it once. read it twice. print it out. post it everywhere. be happy 🙂 and make it “your daily attitide in life”
here’s to market! 🙂 i hope to post updates throughout the week/weekend {a girl can dream, right?} on the cool new products i see and awesome people that i meet.
Sending love and “it’s market, b” to Meags, Tess, Lindsey, Brianadon and Jessie!
and to my outstanding support system: best friends, roomie, boyfriend, parents, etc- you rock and i live for the little encouraging notes that you send me throughout my days!
🙂 amc

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