pretty things that make me smile :)

My self-named “blog manager” {aka boyfriend josh} thinks that blog posts about “things that i think are pretty” are lame. But today i do not care, i was in a blah mood today and decided to look through my computer folders at the pictures that i have saved this past month. 🙂 looking at pretty things can really make you smile and take your mind to a different place! 
here are some things that i have found this past month that make ME smile! 
Everything about this says Amanda Macy! striped see-through girly t-shirt, ribbons, pearls and a BOW! This necklace is part of a beautifully adorable line of girly bridal things called Untamed Petals. Perfectly perfect! I love it all!
I am an unashamed overzealous take-more-than-is-polite match stealer. And how super cute are these matchbooks!!! They are being used as wedding favors here…hopefully I can remember this idea when it is my turn, super cute and super me. {you should see the old Tiffany’s bag I have filled with matchbooks…it rocks}
how simple and brilliant is that!!! i want to paint it and put it in my office- haha!

speaking of paint-how wonderful is this! this wouldn’t match my room very well, but i realllllly want this Caitlin McGauley print!  And I really want the necklace with the tassles! awesome! Think I could make it??!
I have an un-secret obsession with Lauren Conrad. Not really as “a person”{sidenote, i hate when ppl use that expression} but I am slightly obsessed with her as a makeup, hair style and outfit inspiration point. It is sad, but honestly I google that weird little privileged Laguna Beach LC from time to time for style inspiration. Anddd I am guilty of buying her book and going to a book signing to meet her and have her sign it. What a sad life I live. But she may have caught on to the fact that more people care about how she looks than what she says or “designs.”….because she launched a beauty tips website! & I love it!
stunning.  i love every single little thing about this photo.
So! Don’t you feel happier?! Cause I do. Pretty little things that make me smile… that is what hopes & dreams are made of 🙂


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