adding to my hopes & dreams file

Last week I visited ADAC ( to hear Michael Boodro, the Editor in Chief of Elle Decor speak! He just recently took this role at ED and has been making some changes and visited ADAC to speak about their new Designer Registry program and their online Look Book.

I LOVE Elle Decor and have visited their website a time or two (, but since last Wednesday I have been hitting up that site almost daily! I was fairly warned that their Look Book was addicting…so…proceed with caution (and excitement!!!).

Basically you choose what type of room and what style you want to see…and it gives you a rolling photo book of hundreds of pics! (I get stuck on the eclectic style a lot…I love orange and Ikat right now!)
So…it’s a fun website to play around and drool all over- check it out!
Here are 2 of my favorite rooms right now—

Well this is more of an entry way than a room…but you get the idea. I love all of the earthy colors and the hits of orange, gah I love orange! and stripes!
I wish I had an entry way and built in bookshelves. Wait…I do! I have both! But I can’t do anything this awesome with them (rental…). Oh well, I’ll tuck this away in the Hopes & Dreams file πŸ™‚

When I moved I re-did my bedroom a little bit and pulled in some prints and more bold colors…It is a lot less matchy matchy and preppy/traditional than I have always had it. I will have to post some pics if I ever get all of my clothes into my closet and off of my floor… Anyways- this living room is amazing to me- I love the mismatchedness (new word!) of everything and am DYING for similar curtains and a rug for my living room. I really can’t tell you how much I love this room (minus the pic of the naked woman smoking, that’s gross.)….I am currently on the search for curtains and a rug and wishing that I could wallpaper/paint the wall.
More content for the Hopes & Dreams file I guess!
πŸ™‚ amc


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