it’s rainin’…

It’s rainin’…’s pourin’….but I ain’t complainin’…
I love the rain.

Except…that’s not really true.

The rain actually has me in a blah mood and it kept me up all night scared for my life so I am super tired.
But the rain reminds me of something that hopes & dreams are made of! 🙂

My Hunter rain boots!
Look how cute Reese is in hers!!
And what could be cuter???

Baby Hunter rain boots!!! ADORABLE!

Now, THAT is what hopes & dreams are made of!!!

Get yourself some (one’s that fit please..not the baby ones) -you’ll love them for life! (especially in the winter when you get to wear the matching socks!!) 

Enjoy this rainy Monday…and the rainy week to come…
🙂 amc


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