If you know my mom, you know it is innately in my blood to be fantastically good at cooking, decorating and crafting. She always had high hopes for me…. Forcing me to put on an apron and cook something …to pull on gloves and plant something …get out the hot glue gun/sewing machine/paint and get crafty. I resisted these pushes for a long while but lately I turned over a new leaf….bloomed a little late…and I must say…its kind of fun! Since I moved out of Lilburn (parents-house) and into Buckhead, I have really gotten into decorating- though pretty difficult when you’re on an Ikea budget with Elle Décor dreams (and working at the mart doesn’t help…inspiration is everywhere!) Then when I met Josh my urge to create tasty meals took over! Lucky for me he loves to eat (what boy doesn’t?!) and is the best encourager that I could ever ask for. The encourager that he is has led me to this blog…. that and the frequent “how’d you make that?” questions from friends and family. So….here we go.

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