keep your peel on

I’ve talked about whole food smoothies time and time again. I am a green drink addict. But I’ve reached a new level! 

Last week I was trying desperately to kick a stomach bug and found myself without the regular green drink cast-of-characters. In full-on desperation, I reached into the freezer and found a combo of ingredients that surprisingly did the trick. 

  • 1 slice of frozen orange
  • 2 slices frozen lemon
  • 1/2 frozen cucumber
  • Handful frozen blueberries

Before I continue you may ask- why do you have frozen SLICES of fruit in your freezer?! Well, I can’t drink water straight from the tap or bottle {unless it is SmartWater}, I require a little bit of all-natural flavor. A pre-sliced piece of lemon, lime or orange ready-to-go in the freezer is the perfect solution! Add the frozen slice to your water bottle in the morning, and throughout the day your water {refilled time and time again} just keeps on getting tastier! 


Throw the frozen fruits & veggies into your blender; add in some tap water or coconut water and BLAST for as long as it takes. Peel and all! 
The consistency is that of a JUICE! Not chunky or applesaucey- the trick is your ratio of whole food to liquid + ample amount of time in the blender. 

Plus- the orange and lemon juice added in tastes amazing! Tangy, sweet and healthy! 

So next time you need something green and you don’t want to eat with a fork or tackle a heavy smoothie- whip up this peel-on whole-food juice! 

🙂 amc 


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