the instagram weekend

Is there really any other way to capture the week/weekend?

Celebratory Margaritas!

Birthday Margaritas with the lovely Ms Kimberly

The work girls for birthday drinks

Then….more celebrating! My friend {and bridesmaid} Emily got ENGAGED!!!

Surprise celebration at Park T

So excited for you girl! 

There were 1 too  many tradeshows in Atlanta this weekend….

March Market cooking demo w Chef Ron Eyester of Rosebud

Carrot Cocktail anyone? It was tasty! 

My girls!!! 

More celebratory drinks…Fishbowl at The Nook! 

St Patty’s Day festivities in Brookhaven

and finally…much needed recovery drinks from Nectar
Amazing organic super-super-super healthy juices and smoothies! 

and Wheatgrass shots for an extra jolt of recovery 

worn out 🙂

good friends. good fun. 
🙂 amc


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