toasty toes

Last year it was Hunters that kept my toes toasty. I L O V E my Hunter boots, and when I stuff those cozy socks in them, my Uggs are a waste of money {sorry Uggs}. My Hunter’s keep me dry and cozy and they are classically cute!!

 Precious! That isn’t me… but I will probably copy that outfit, does that count?

There I am! Snuggled up with my trusty, toasty Hunters

THIS year Josh spotted the Sorel! And since then my selective vision has been ON. They are all I see and I dub them as this year’s Hunter:

They definitely have that rugged thing going on. But the fur looks soft and sweet. 

Watch this video and suddenly they become sexy! I am a sucker for marketing. 

To be loyal to my Hunters, my budget and my boyfriend. I will probably opt for this well-priced option for me:
Yup, they are Old Navy! Who would’ve guessed?! 

You may be wondering what this boot choice has to do with my loyalty to my boyfriend….Well, he did spot them first. And he needs them more than I do. Anddddd I totally love him and want him to have cozy toes!!! πŸ™‚ {Christmas gift spoiler alert}

Love the red shoelaces

I can’t seem to convince Josh that the shearling on this pair is faaabulous! But don’t you think it is???? {please agree, please agree}

{Hopes & Dreams} time!!!

 Baby Boy Sorels!!!

Baby Girl Sorels!!! 

Toe-tally exciting! {augh…that was bad}

πŸ™‚ amc 


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