things which you do not know

What a strong verse. We are so blessed that the Lord has more in store for us and knows so much about our future that we do not yet know. It is a hard thought to keep in your head, especially if you are as plan-obsessed as I am. I have to have a game plan for every bit of my life and while I am constantly bouncing the ideas off of my “advisory board” it is so sad how often I fail to trust the Lord above…. The ultimate One that my trust should be in, the One in my life that will never let me down and will always “answer me and show me the great and mighty things which I do not yet know.” 
The good news is, His words and actions are all around us, all I have to do is focus on that, keep an open conversation in prayer and trust in Him. 

Now some cute things that I like 🙂 
old school Kate Spade clutch 

great outfit. i love that the colors flow well together, and her outfit packs a punch but is still classy and subtle in its own way

like everyone else… I have been loving these beaded bracelets this summer. And this one is extra awesome because of the elephant charm! My favorite animal

This is a spectacular little sitting area. 

random- but i think I need these. yup, I said need. 

Anywho, what a week! 

 taking lots of breaths! 🙂 amc


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