stripe on

Went on a mini shopping trip with the girls today at lunch and it really hit me how predictable I am. Stripes. Navy. White. Solid colors. Bright colors. Stripes. Stripes. Stripes. Predictable. 

And I love it 🙂 

Things “Predictable-Amanda” would buy

and I would pair this with a white tee and jeans. really shaking it up 🙂

Just purchased these 2 spring/summer scarves. Find something you like- buy it in every color. 

silky & stripey

precious polka dots. to me- they live in the stripe family
{victorias secret}

Now we will begin the home portion of this obsession:

{west elm}

stop it! i want this so bad! 
{west elm}

pretty sure there isn’t one stripey thing at west elm that i don’t adore
{west elm}

so….i searched “stripe” on the West Elm website. and my theory was correct. i adore it all

stripe on
🙂 amc


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