what a bench

I remember when I was a little girl I always wanted a window seat/bench where I could cuddle up, look out the window and dream of boys… like Justin Timberlake, Taylor Hanson and Cory Matthews. {Swoon!} I have always thought that little nooks with built-in shelves or benches were just perfect little spots! The extreme Type-A in me craves spaces that are creatively used allowing for each little area to have a purpose. {She’s crazy!}

Sadly, I haven’t gotten a built-in bench or window seat yet, but you can bet that when I get my {Hopes & Dreams} first home, I will demand ask nicely for a built-in bench of some sort!


This image hangs on my wall in my office. I love the book shelves {but what a waste, don’t they have more books?!}, the colors, the lay-out and those to-die-for high ceilings. Plus a  great window seat nook! {Dreaming of Cory Matthews starts now}
{House Beautiful…i think}

What I really love is built-in breakfast benches. My absolute favorite is when they are tucked in corners and surround a round table. This space is great. 

This one reminds me of one of my friend’s homes. Lots of white, fresh florals, rustic dining table, chandelier, built-in bench. I really love this space!!!

What a wonderful mini-mud room. I like how they classed it up with traditional home accents to give it a more inside, formal look. 

Dreaming of Cory Matthews again….

DIY built-in bench kitchen nook! The bench is actually made of Ikea cabinets. So smart! Love that chandelier and the pillow color scheme. 

Another DIY bench made from Ikea cabinets. Looks easy enough, right? Ohhh Josh!! 🙂 

How funny is that built-in dog crate! 

So DIY-able! Just give me a window! Of course, I die for those orange curtains the the throw

I scored a similiar bench from CraigsList {“I know this guy named Craig, and he has this list”}. Once I get that {Hopes & Dreams!} house I want to re-create this area in my entrance. Love the hooks, the shelf, the pictures, the bench cushion, the kid! {wait…slow down, amc}

Gotta love the touches of orange. #PopofColour as my girls at Kate Spade would say. Sadly, I don’t actually have any “girls at Kate Spade”. I’m clearly back to my dream world….

An entry-way bench for the rich and fabulous. I will probably never have anything this wonderfully customized in my home, but hey- this blog is about dreaming right? 🙂 P.S. Excellent wall color!

Even if it isn’t built-in, a bench thrown in here or there just makes a space a bench more fabulous! {I crack myself up} Note to self- need a home with large hallways and entryways for my future bench collection

Have a benchin’ day! {aren’t you glad my terrible bench jokes are over?!}
🙂 amc

+ Shout out to AmericasMart’s newest event team member and her brand new blog! Check it out here: http://inasummerstateofmind.blogspot.com/

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